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Fittings Transmitters with shut-off fittings
Transmitters with shut-off fittings
All shut-off fittings can be secured onto walls, racks (72 mm grid)
and vertical and horizontal pipes.
This offers the advantage when assembling a plant that the shutoff
fittings can be secured first and the lines for the medium and
differential pressure connected to them. It is then possible to
check all connections for leaks and to blow out or flush the pipes
in order to remove dirt (welding residues, shavings etc.).
The measuring instruments can be screwed onto the shut-off fittings
right at the end when all piping has been completed.
If an instrument has to be removed for maintenance, the fittings
and pipes remain as they are. It is only necessary to close the
valves – the instrument can then be removed, and refitted following